December 5, 2016

The Beginning of Sharing Episode

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You Are Here:The Beginning of Sharing Episode

When I watched Bill Gates gave his speech at Harvard University and Steve Jobs gave his speech at Stanford University, I was thinking that maybe someday I will be given a chance to share what I have learned in doing my passion, in a place that I’ve never expected before, a campus.

What we think is what we believe. Then, it will become what we get. On November 25, 2016, I was invited by Miss Mega Wulandari who is a lecturer of English Language Education Study Program at Sanata Dharma University, to share about video making and audio mixing. She teaches Language Teaching Media, a subject that gives insight for the students how to teach using conventional to high-technology media. At the end of this semester, the students are given an assignment to make a simple video as one of the teaching methods.

Using #EasyEnglish video as the reference I shared what I’ve learned in making it. And of course, the video will not complete without a voice over and some background musics. That’s why, I also shared about Audacity for recording and audio mixing. And after that class, I’ve been thinking, I want to upload some tutorial video about the basic guide of Audacity on my youtube channel, so it can be accessed by everybody. Sounds interesting?😝

She was so excited.
She was so excited.

Standing in front of the class doesn’t mean that I’m an expert. I am a beginner as well. It’s a reminder that I should learn more, so I can share more. Helping others with what I learned, makes me happy.

Thank you Miss Mega for giving me a chance and thanks for taking those pictures. Definitely, I couldn’t do that without you.😆😘 That was an honour and so priceless.

When that day came, I was excited. But, there is someone abroad who seemed more excited than me. Thank you for always believing and supporting me to reach what I’ve been dreaming. I wouldn’t reach this step, if I never met her.🙏

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Eria Arum adalah seorang yang passionate di bidang ilustrasi dan motion graphic. Saat ini tengah membuat English Learning Video untuk #EasyEnglish @karlinakuning.

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